SEA SHORES on amazon

Along the sea shore – water, sand, wind, and tides are in continuous turmoil. It is a challenging home for the abundance of wildlife which flourishes within the waves, hidden beneath the sand, or in plain sight.  ‘SEA SHORES’ aligns with the California State Science Content Standards for Earth Science. Grades K-12.

SEA SHORES now available on amazon: click here.


The content, visuals and text for this science guide are all original and can not be read anywhere else. Hopefully teachers will add this to their classroom programs , along side KELP FOREST & TIDE POOLS NATURE UNFOLDING science guides, as we all need a better understanding of the sea shore environment and habitats.

Thank you to:

Karen Martin PhD. Professor of Biology, Frank R. Seaver Chair in Natural Science, Pepperdine.
Lindsey T. Groves. Malacology Manager, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Two inside pages:


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