We have another fabulous author to add to the list of NATURE UNFOLDING’s talented, dedicated and passionate professionals: GRAY WHALE is written by David W. Weller, Ph.D., Marine Mammal & Turtle Division, Southwest- National Marine Fisheries Science Center, NOAA . Purchased on

The North Pacific GRAY WHALE migrates from their summer feeding areas in frigid Arctic waters to wintering areas in warm lagoons off Baja California. The occurrence of Gray Whales along the coast is a celebrated event as the migratory corridor brings these whales within easy view along the shores of Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Despite a nearly disastrous period of interactions with humans that resulted in the near extinction of Gray Whales, protection measures have allowed this species to once again flourish in the Pacific and make their way into the human consciousness as respected and cherished icons of the sea.

Nature Unfolding © Science Guide series coalesce science, literature and vivid imagery to inspire a deeper connection with nature. A compilation of natural science illustrations, a migration map and poster, photos, and other diagrams provide the newest information and research  on our science subjects.


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