The 2018 JUNIOR LIFEGUARDS are the FIRST to receive a Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science curriculum integrated into the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire Department, Lifeguard Division, the Junior Lifeguard Program with over 4,250 participants.

JLG all smailes



With financial support from the City of Malibu’s General Fund Grant Program, a Grant from the Santa Monica Bay Audubon, and other donors: WISHTOYO– Mati Waiya and Luhui Isha, MANTA Publications – Dawn Ericson and Dominique Navarro,  Charles ansea-shore-coverd Kristen Utts , Patti and Wolter Mehring,  all 4,250 Junior Lifeguards have received FREE, a Manta Publications NATURE UNFOLDING Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science guide.

In addition to the JRG program’s high-quality and innovative instruction, outstanding athlete training with competitions, the Junior Lifeguard Program will include a condensed sea shore science curriculum that aligns with the California State Science Content Standards for Earth Science, K-12. Each Junior Lifeguards will be provided FREE a Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science guide that will be taken home at the end of the five-week program. This may contribute to the Junior Lifeguard as a year-round, on-going program that encourage a lifetime commitment towards ocean stewardship. Another program goals is to enrich the “beach” experience by introducing ocean related profession or career such as: Marine biology­– the scientific study of organisms that live in salt water, Oceanography– the study of the physical and the biological aspects of the ocean. Malacology–the scientific study of mollusks as living organisms, has a branch devoted to the study of shells, Ichthyology­–the scientific study of fishes or fish science, Ornithology­–the scientific concerns and study of birds, Ocean Ecology– the study of the ocean environments.

Lifeguard Instructor Shari Latta has been one major leader in bringing the Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science guide into the sea shore classroom. We all thank you SHARI!!!!!!! This program includes: 1. Each student will receive FREE a SEA SHORES Nature Unfolding science guide that aligns with the California State Science Content Standards for Earth Science. K-12.Within the pages of the SEA SHORES science guide, each Junior Lifeguard will be introduced to:* The Pacific Coast SEA SHORES habitat zones.* Common sea shore birds – names with visuals.* Common seashore animals – names with visuals. 2. A 15-minute introduction –workshop, given to students by their Junior Lifeguard Instructor. Each Instructor will be provided with a two page SEA SHORES lesson plan, included below) with suggested instructions for the distribution of the SEA SHORES science guided to students and a suggested activity to encourage usage of the guide.

Shari lesson2


And thank you to the City of Malibu with the support from Council member Skylar Peaks ( photo with Shari and Dawn) as well as Mayor Rick Mullen and Mayor Pro Tem Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner as they greatly support our ocean the environments and kids!

SKYLAR and Shair dawn

The Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science curriculum integrated into the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire Department, Lifeguard Division, Junior Lifeguard Program required many people to become involved!

This year, the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fire Department’s Lifeguard Division- Junior Lifeguard Program began the 2018 season with their Jr. Lifeguard Instructor Workshop and introduce a new sea shore science program. The instructor workshop included a presentation by Professor Karen Martin (Sea Shores science guide writer and Biology Professor at Pepperdine University, Malibu). Professor Martin started with a slide show presentation and then a hands-on live grunion fish hatchling demonstration. Lifeguards watched tiny hatchling’s take their first swim in small lab containers. as seen in photo below.


Lifeguard Instructor Shari Latta and science guide publisher Dawn Ericson gave each Lifeguard a copy of the Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science guide, and a two page lesson plan designed for three age groups of JGs. All materials distributed to the Lifeguards aligns with the California State Science Content Standards for Earth Science, K-12, assuring confidence with this curriculum. The instructors expressed much enthusiasm and support introducing science in their beach program this summer. This summer they will be distributing FREE science guides to each Junior Lifeguard participant, there are over 4,300 JG enrolled for 2018. Numerous instructor will expand the science program with games and beach activities.

Photo above: Karen Martin, guide writer and Biology Professor at Pepperdine University. Shari Latta, Lifeguard Instructor, Zuma Beach. Captain Patrick O’Neill, Los Angeles Fire Department,  Lifeguard Division, Center Regional Operations Bureau, and Dawn N. Ericson, Manta Publications, Publisher and Illustrator.

1:2 inside spread

The Pacific Coast SEA SHORES science guide can be seen or purchased at the Zuma Jay’s Surf shop in Malibu:



Northen Kelp Crab

Kelp Crab, Pugettia productus  Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 12.10.53 PM

At Zuma Beach this summer, the warm 75 degree surf waters may have contributed to an abundance of kelp wrack washed ashore. Most often found in kelp beds, either on the bottom or climbing in the kelp, this Kelp Crab found himself “beached”.  It’s colorful carapace is displayed in full sunlight.

Thank you Dominique for catching this “photo”.

San Nicolas Island t-shirt


Channel Island Restoration (CIR) with Ken Owen requested a new t-shirt illustration that showcases the restoration project- new habitat for the historically endangered Island Night Lizard Island Xantusia riversiana. The Island Night Lizard is a unique, medium-sized endemic reptile found only on the Channel Islands off the coast of southern California, where it occurs on Santa Barbara, San Nicolas and San Clemente Islands. It is also unusual as it is a soft skin lizard and gives “live” birth to it’s off-springs. They prefer sandy soil and thrive within these two plants the San Nicolas Island Boxthorn – Lycium verrucosum and the Coast Prickly Pear Opuntia littoralis. Both plants have been grown and planted on the island for the past two years and becoming a patchwork of new home sites for the little secluded reptile.

When the t-shirt is silkscreen, I will let you know. Channel Island Restoration (CIR) is always looking for volunteers as this project is on-going on San Nicolas Island.

SEA OTTER color work-in-progress

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.54.26 PM

It is coming together S L O W L Y, as art work and text need much research. There are many sea otter experts, but they do not agree on facts! No problem. The final editing is the most time consuming and most articulate aspect of these guides. We will get it right. Below…on location in Morro Bay. I counted 21 females and three babies. SWEET!

DAWN and Otters