HARBOR HABITAT: The Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach Book, Designed and Illustrated by Dawn N. Ericson – Manta Publications

PDF of Harbor Habitat, Ports Book

After eight months of production, the PORTS of Los Angeles and Long Beach HARBOR HABITAT, a 32 page book, was completed.  It was a privilege to work with Jim Holdaway, Port of Long Beach Creative Director of Publications, who envisioned this project as a perfect opportunity to document and educate simultaneously in one publication. HARBOR HABITAT highlights the improving harbor environments since 1988, the date when sustainable programs became mandates for this region.

Working with graphic super designer Fran Agliata, together we handled all aspects of this publication project: title logo development, book and page layouts, photo selection, co-writing and editing of text. In addition, I illustrated over 40 animal species, four diagrams and graphs, and a full page illustration titled WEB of HARBOR LIFE (page 7). Dominique Navarro illustrated the Map on pages 2-3. The HARBOR HABITAT book is another example of our work to combine science and art together into a readable and exciting publication. Some of my favorite spreads are shown here. You can view the entire publication at the Port of Los Angeles web site:

PDF of Harbor Habitat, Ports Book

Biological Baseline Surveys http://www.portoflosangeles.org/environment/wildlife_habitat.asp

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