Kelp Forest Nature Unfolding Guide 2014 edition


Updating the Kelp Forest Nature Unfolding guide has been an adventure in research. My fabulous marine science book collection as become a bit abused by the many years of use. Thanks again and again to dive buddies Bob Lea and Dan Gotshall for guiding me underwater as well as through the pages of their books. This 2014 edition will be published in the Fall.


Sea Turtle Nature Unfolding Guide – Spanish Edition

Working with writer Jeffrey A. Seminoff, Marine Turtle Ecology & Assessment Program, NOAA – National Marine Fisheries Service, we recently applied for a grant to publish the Sea Turtles of North America guide as a Spanish language edition. Hopefully, our grant writing will prove successful. As many friends are waiting for the publication of Las Tortugas Marinas de America. Dawn Navarro Ericson


Spanish Edition:SeaTurtlesGuide

NEW: #8.ISLAND FOX Nature Unfolding GUIDE

The #8.ISLAND FOX Nature Unfolding guide is now available at the Channel Island National Park store.


Our Island Fox guide is designed especially for a National Park and we are very pleased to announce that it is now available at the Channel Island National Park store. Thank you Russell Galipeau who supported this project and all our other Channel Island projects. THANK YOU to store manager Leslie Fauset who managed the final approvals. And thank you to Yvonne Menard and Tim Coonan for their final editing’s.

This guide showcases the endangered Island Fox, one of America’s rarest mammals living only on six Channel Islands, and saving it from the brink of extinction. Within a short five-year period in the 1990s the Island Fox populations on the northern Channel Islands declined by over 90 percent. “The decline of the Island Fox population was so severe it caused biologists to shift from tracking fox populations to worrying about the fate of individual foxes,” said Channel Islands National Park Superintendent Russell Galipeau. ” We are thrilled with this rapid recovery which is one of the quickest recoveries of an endangered species in the history of the Endangered Species Act.”

For a brief description:

#8.ISLAND FOX cover



Two years ago when we started-up our series of nature guide we hoped to reach out to our Southern California neighbors and residents who have forgot about the importance of our natural environments. Since many of these people spend so much of life in offices, commuting and with long work days, weekends are extremely valuable time. Therefore we appropriately named the series the WEEKEND NATURALIST, a good name, but not a complete description for our folding guides.

To celebrate two years of our sustainable growth we have decided to embrace a new name that we feel perfectly describes our unique series of guides: NATURE UNFOLDING. The first of the series was inspired by Dominique’s four Egyptian guides. You can see these at :

Starting with nature guide #8. ISLAND FOX look for the new name and logo:


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