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PearlPearl and Painting


Brandon and Phoenix


Returning to portraiture – the making of portraits has been inspired by new family and friends. It has been a while since I painted in oils on canvass. And integrating art styles and techniques, mastered over decades of work is a creative challenge. Some old habits are almost impossible to avoid. Yet, bridging my strong drawing methods with the oil medium is exciting, and like an adventure into the unknown.

But, no matter my artist technique, all my art remains connected by its ever present theme: faces and eye contact. And, by painting special people like Brandon who connects with nature with his love of animals.

“Wild Neighbors: COYOTES” Science Guide – Coming Soon!

Trotting coyote

“Wild Neighbors: COYOTES”- Release Date November 2015

“The coyote is well adapted for endurance and survival. Their long legs are strong and springy allowing for traveling long distances, up to 60 miles in a day. Coyotes can trot for hours and hours, and run with bursts of speed up to 40 mph. They can climb over a 14 foot fence and are even great swimmers. When they hunt small prey, they have impressive digging tools: large front feet with powerful claws which can easily dig-out a gopher, hold a field mouse in the grass, or bury a stash of food.”


COYOTE Nature Unfolding Guide

This guide is our FAVORITE! Amazing content that we should all read. This project has been totally enjoyable to produce because we worked with the best coyote expert in the world:

Our Science Editor is Stanley D. Gehrt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Wildlife Specialist, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

Professor Stanley has first hand tracking experience with urban coyotes in the middle of Chicago and gives excellent coyote presentation. The BEST!

I will be posting a few clips and illustrations from the guide, as we move forward. Printing is scheduled for this month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.38.15 PM

“Wild Neighbors: COYOTES” Science & Nature Guide

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.23.26 PM

We are almost finished with the COYOTE guide. Hopefully is will compliment the amazing work by our famous and fabulous science editor Stanley D. Gehrt, School of Environment and Natural Resource, Associate Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist, Ohio State University.
You can find in-depth information about Urban Coyotes at:

This guide will be printed in the FALL of 2015.